Tue & Thurs at 8:15 AM

Balance & Flex

During this 45-minute class, we will incorporate a combination of balance activities and stretches.  This is a great class for anyone who is not feeling as steady a they used to.  Also, tight muscles can contribute to low back pain, leg pain, and postural changes.  This class is a great option to help with some of that tightness. All fitness levels welcome!

Instructed by Chris Novak

Mon & Wed at 9 AM


Travel all over the world through Latin-Inspired music and choreography.  Let it move you! A medium-intensity workout, great for beginners.

Instructed by Jacinta

Tues at 5 PM


We support a lifelong love of exercise.  Life can be busy, but we believe healthy living can and should be a family activity.  To help this happen with the real-life challenges of today's families, we developed a program for the children in our community!  This isn't your ordinary gym class.  PAXFIT Kidz is a 4-week exercise and educational program designed to teach your children to love being physically active and choosing healthy foods! Weekly topics include; flexibility, strength, endurance, and stress.


Mon & Wed at 5 PM

Circuit Interval Training

A combo of cardio & free weights are used to work every major muscle group in the body.  This workout appeals to men and women from beginners to athletes.

Instructed by Chris Novak and Taylor

Thurs at 4 PM

Hips, Butts, and Guts

Hips, Butts, and Guts is the perfect combination for targeting your most common problem areas.  A challenging variety of abdominal and core exercises will tone and strengthen your midsection while gluteal focused moves work your backside.  Through very isolated movements using primarily body weight, your hips, butts, and guts will soon be your best assets.  All fitness levels welcome.

Instructed by Taylor

Mon & Wed 8 AM


This 60-minute Yoga class combines fitness, mindfulness, and breath for a perfect balance in the body.  This class uses styles from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.  It's appropriate for all levels and forms the perfect partnership to your gym workout.

Instructed by TBA

(301) 866-5444

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